It’s evident that Silicon Valley and New York remain hotspots for technology and startups, but these Midwestern cities are flipping the script and building tech empires of their own.

Learn more about these 11 cities building tech futures, including average salaries and rent data (provided by and Expatistan).

Chicago, IL.

Among the most populous cities in America, Chicago has the second largest growth in tech jobs, beating Silicon Valley by five percent. In total, it’s the fifth largest tech market in the country, creating a jaw-dropping 40,000 new jobs in IT since 2011. Grubhub, Groupon, Basecamp are some great tech success stories that serve as an example of what’s possible in the windy city.

Average salary for Software Developer: $113,000
Average rent for 900-square-foot apartment: $1,410

Milwaukee, WI

The city of beer and cheese is quietly building momentum as one of the more innovative cities in not just the Midwest, but the whole world. It’s done this with a huge initiative to make Milwaukee a leader in technology. The Water Council, a local nonprofit, works to align fresh water-related industries with research communities to bring water to areas in which it’s scarce. The city is now home to more than 150 water-related companies and startups and attracting tech talent to help change the world.

Average salary for Software Developer: $81,000
Average rent for 900-square-foot apartment: $987

Omaha, NE

Has Warren Buffet’s mere presence helped Omaha become one of the leading cities for tech? His multinational conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway is headquartered here. Omaha also boasts Fortune 500 companies like Conagra and Union Pacific, which necessitate tech workers in large quantities. That, combined with the city’s ranking as the best city to work in tech by SmartAsset make it a great attraction for young and talented people in the field.

Average salary for Software Developer: $74,000
Average rent for 900-square-foot apartment: $1,133

Cleveland, OH

Named by Popular Mechanics as one of the best startup cities in America, Cleveland has crafted a great environment for small companies over the years. The city nurtured tech companies by developing a central hub providing space and resources for entrepreneurs along with a health-tech corridor to house the companies coming out of the booming industry like BioEnterprise.

Average salary for Software Developer: $84,000
Average rent for 900-square-foot apartment: $1,026

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