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Posted by PRNewswire on July 25, 2018

HOUSTONJuly 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cimbria Capital, a private equity firm conducting growth capital and early stage buyout investments in the agribusiness and water sectors, today announced the official launch of its management, scientific, and technical consulting arm, Cimbria Consulting. Cimbria Consulting is a new independently-managed entity under the Cimbria brand. The consultancy offers transformation-focused consulting services to enterprises in agribusiness, renewable energy, and water technology. The Cimbria Consulting team is comprised of a diverse group of highly skilled, global, and senior-level consultants.

“The establishment of Cimbria Consulting is a natural progression of Cimbria’s overall mission to create value in — and benefit from — agriculture, water, and renewable energy, all fundamental industries needing to transform and expand,” stated Brian V. Iversen, Founder of Cimbria Capital and Cimbria Consulting. “We are very excited about Cimbria Consulting’s powerful business model as a stand-alone endeavor, but we also look forward to the inevitable synergies available between our new consulting platform and Cimbria Capital as a private equity investor.”

The rising importance of agriculture, renewable energy, and water companies servicing nearly 8 billion global consumers is obliging companies to operate on a spectrum of continuous evolution and relentless improvement. To ensure efficient business models and market competitiveness, companies working in these industries require turn-key experts that can swiftly integrate new technological solutions, marketing and sales campaigns, and operational efficiencies to clients around the world.

“I am humbled by the in-depth expertise possessed by the consultants on our new team, and I am eager to see how the skill sets of the soon-to-be 50 person team of senior consultants will accelerate constructive advancements in our core sectors,” said Noah J. Sabich, Director of Cimbria Capital and Senior Advisor at Cimbria Consulting. “The value they can bring to companies solving essential food, energy, and water issues is astounding, and the team’s wide-ranging capabilities and geographic locations also means Cimbria’s overall insight into rising markets and opportunities will continue to progress.”

Small to mid-sized companies are already benefiting and pushing capacities to their limit due to the increased demands in the agriculture, renewable energy, and water industries. Private equity and consulting firms positioned to work closely with these sectors will benefit from their accelerating markets, investment requirements, and need for operational, technological, and managerial expertise.

About Cimbria Consulting: Cimbria Consulting — an affiliate company of private equity firm Cimbria Capital — is a management, scientific, and technical consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. The consultancy offers pragmatic consulting services to capture economic value for enterprises in agribusiness, renewable energy, and water technology.

About Cimbria Capital: Cimbria Capital is a private equity investment firm based in Houston, Texas, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm conducts growth capital and early stage buyout investments focused on the agribusiness and water sectors in North America and Europe. The firm is the parent company of the management consulting entity, Cimbria Consulting.

For more information on Cimbria Consulting or Cimbria Capital, please visit www.cimbria-consulting.comand, or contact Noah Sabich, at

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