Permian Disposal Services of Seminole, TX Signs Oil Recovery Services Agreement

May 3, 2016, Deerfield, IL – Nano Gas Technologies, Inc. announces its first contract customer for its revolutionary oil recovery technology with Permian Disposal Services, Seminole, TX. The US oil industry produces seven times more waste water than oil. Permian Disposal Services, based in West Texas, is in the heart of the US oil industry. Permian Disposal Services’ job is to put oil industry waste water into regulated underground zones. Along with that waste water goes a lot of oil which is extremely costly to recover, until Nano Gas Technologies came along.

Nano Gas Technologies uses patent pending equipment and processes to produce nano-scale bubbles in oily waste water to extract virtually all of the oil in mere minutes. Its partnership with Permian Disposal Services recovers oil that would have been buried into underground zones. That recovered oil has financial value to both companies and environmental value from cleaner water.

“We handle some of the most difficult oil industry waste fluids in the region. We’re excited about fully automating oil recovery while eliminating our gun barrel separation system. This will improve the overall profitability of our regional disposal facility,” said COO Ward (Trey) Merrick III of Permian Disposal Services.

“Oil companies should be called water companies for how much more water than oil they bring up out of the ground,” said CEO Len Bland of Nano Gas Technologies. “My company is determined to use our ground breaking technology to recover that wasted oil, remove solids, and ultimately recycle the water as well. Our partnership with Permian Disposal Services provides new revenue streams from something the oil companies pay to throw away. We feel good about what we do and how we help our partners, the industry, the environment and local communities.”

About Permian Disposal Services

Permian Disposal is a regional provider of disposal services for water, oil, and tank bottom waste in West Texas. It specializes in legal waste management for petroleum transportation. Its goal is to provide a disposal that exceeds environmental and safety requirements while striving for excellence in customer service.

About Nano Gas Technologies

Nano Gas Technologies is an oil industry, wastewater treatment partner. It provides fully mobile and quickly deployable services that recycle wastewater for reuse and recovers “waste” oil. Fast and cost effective, Nano Gas can turn wastewater expense into a new revenue center. # # # Contact Len Bland Nano Gas Technologies 847-317-0656

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Len Bland
Nano Gas Technologies

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