Swiss technology company ABB has launched the ABB Ability Collaborative Operations team to improve its operations and maintenance (O&M) services for the power generation and water industries.

Based at the new ABB Ability Collaborative Operations Centre in Genoa, Italy, the new ABB team intends to consolidate its global network of industry experts and digital technologies.

The Collaborative Operations team will use ABB’s technology, software and services to automatically gather and analyse information on assets, processes and risks. This data is then used to enable customers to make informed decisions in regards to the optimisation of plant and fleet performance.

By using the data, customers will be able to further enhance their profitability, as well as improve their productivity and minimise costs and risks.

ABB power generation and water business managing director Kevin Kosisko said: “ABB Ability Collaborative Operations will help us bring the benefits of digitalisation to our customers in power generation and water by giving them information insights that lead to better business decisions.

“We are driven to help our customers benefit from emerging digital technologies so they can respond to the changing energy market and contribute to a sustainable future.”

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