Aviv Ezra and Scott Walker: Wisconsin, Israel work together to bolster water technology hubs

Posted by wispolitics.com  on Nov 17, 2017

Wisconsin is a state in the middle of the U.S. bordered by two of the world’s largest lakes, and Israel is a country that is 60 percent desert. So what were we, the Governor of Wisconsin and the Consul General of Israel to the Midwest, doing together thousands of miles away from our offices?

Working on water.

Israel is strong in desalination technology, while Wisconsin is a leader in freshwater technology, leading to strong potential for collaboration in this sector.

Water was the focus of the weeklong trade mission to Israel by a 16-member delegation from Wisconsin.  For both Wisconsin and Israel, the goals of the trip were the same: We aimed to enhance academic affiliations, foster business connectivity, cement strategic partnerships and increase exports. Continued foreign investment in Wisconsin was encouraged, and we built new business collaborations between Israeli and Wisconsin water technology organizations.

Wisconsin and Israel already enjoy a robust trading relationship, with Wisconsin exporting over $80 million worth of goods and services annually to Israel and importing over $200 million annually from the country. Their strengths in the water technology industry complement one another, further connecting the dots between the two leading water hubs.


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