Wastewater specialist company, Shanghai Naco Sciences & Technology Corporation (Naco), has signed a Distribution Agreement with BioGill, an innovative biological water treatment technology company. The agreement comes as Naco outlines a vision to become a leader in clean-tech wastewater treatment solutions in China.

Naco was founded by specialist engineers with more than twenty years’ experience in wastewater treatment. Based in Shanghai, the company has a large portfolio of successful projects in municipal, industrial, water recycling and reuse, as well as expertise in treating difficult waste streams such as textile and leachate wastewater.

Outlining the new agreement, Mr James Liu, General Manager at Naco, said, “What impressed us about BioGill is that the technology has a small footprint, delivers highly effective treatment of high COD wastewater and has applications for river and lake treatment.”

Rapid population growth, urbanization and industrial expansion, have all contributed to China’s impressive economic growth, but this has also stressed the country’s water resources.

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