Businesses seeking to reduce their environmental impact are looking beyond energy efficiencies and alternative energy sources to water – mainly, how their organizations deal with water usage and the water collecting on their property.

Innovative stormwater solutions receive the most attention as rules toughen regarding its collection. Two of the newer ideas being used are pervious parking surfaces and blue roofs.

For businesses with surface parking, figuring out what to do with water runoff from their property can be a challenge, with building a retention pond being the most popular choice. The addition of new porous pavement and pervious concrete options on the market may change that.

Over the past five years, Oconomowoc-based Wolf Paving Co. Inc. has seen more businesses, especially retail centers, move to porous asphalt. This technology allows water to flow through the asphalt into a stone bed collection area under the parking lot, said Sean Wolf, vice president of Wolf Paving Co. 

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