Douglas Hwang has been working on water filtration issues for three decades and he believes the latest product from Waukesha-based startup Corncob Inc. could solve many of the industry’s challenges.

The Corncob II, which uses a membrane technology, can filter many different types of water into potable drinking water in a single step. It can use the concentrated materials removed from water as fuel, limiting the amount of energy needed and potentially taking a wastewater treatment plant off the grid.

“I think we have the answer now,” said Hwang, Corncob president and co-inventor.

Corncob recently held a product demonstration at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District facilities along with The Water Council as part of Milwaukee Water Week. Water from the Menomonee River was pumped into Alfie, the nickname for Corncob’s pilot model, and after passing through spinning membrane discs, came out as drinkable water.

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