Electro Scan Inc. Named to 2019 GovTech 100 Top Government Technology Companies List

Disruptive Technology Replaces Visual Inspection to Certify New Sewer & Water Pipe Construction and Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) As Watertight

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, January 8, 2019 – EINPresswire.com – Electro Scan Inc., a leading supplier of pipeline assessment and infrastructure monitoring solutions for water & wastewater utilities was named to Government Technology’s esteemed 2019 GovTech 100 list of top government technology companies list.

The list, compiled annually by government technology media company e.Republic, represents a compendium of the top 100 companies making a difference in the governmental marketplace.

“The 2019 GovTech 100 includes both new and well-established companies serving state & local governments, and we’re proud to be one of the younger firms on this prestigious list,” stated Chuck Hansen, Chairman, Electro Scan Inc.

In addition to helping municipal utilities prioritize existing sewer & water infrastructure for rehabilitation or replacement, Electro Scan Inc. is also leading the way to establish a more innovative, dependable, and cost-effective approach for local governments to approve pipeline construction and rehabilitation.

By certifying new sewer & water pipelines and trenchless rehabilitation as watertight, local governments and utilities can use the company’s cloud-based data results to verify same-day work completed by contractors in order to ensure conformity with contract specifications and environmental regulations.

“Electro Scan is becoming a mission-critical solution for built environments,” stated Mark Grabowski, Electro Scan Inc.’s General Manager and Executive Vice President.

“Working directly with local governments and utilities, Electro Scan technology automatically evaluates full-length 360-degree pipe integrity which is key to building long-lasting, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure networks,” remarked Grabowski.

Electro Scan Inc. was named to the prestigious 2019 GovTech 100 for the first time this year.

“The municipal pipeline rehabilitation & trenchless technology market is currently struggling because of a crisis of trust,” said Hansen. “While many elected and appointed officials have focused on our existing ‘crumbling infrastructure,’ recent studies show a majority of new infrastructure is being installed with major defects that are inadvertently OK’d based on visual inspection.”

In the past, most pipe construction & rehabilitation projects have relied exclusively on Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras to prove environmental compliance and service readiness of multimillion-dollar public works projects.

Often inspected by the same contractor responsible for a pipe’s installation, repair, or rehabilitation, defects are frequently missed or easily disputed in favor of the contractor.

Electro Scan’s Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) machine-intelligent technology provides a completely unbiased & unambiguous test for watertightness, in strict conformity to the industry standard ASTM F2550.

By removing the inherent ambiguity associated with CCTV which often misses 80-100% of leak locations, FELL technology gives the needed trust that design and operational requirements have been met, allowing the health of pipeline conveyance networks to be accurately monitored over their useful life.

“When a contractor has a city’s busiest streets dug-up causing residential disruptions and frustrating local businesses, the quality of pipeline assets being installed almost becomes secondary,” stated Hansen.

“Despite the fact that fixed assets are the biggest line item of a city’s balance sheet, financed by municipal bonds, newly installed infrastructure may be in worse condition than older infrastructure due to inadequate quality control assessments,” stated Hansen.

Even though Electro Scan Inc. occupies a relatively sleepy corner of the tech world, licensing its machine-intelligent probes and web-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), the company offers cities and engineering firms a game-changing solution to accurately prioritize, design, construct, and verify new and rehabilitated pipes as watertight.

“The resulting financial return on investment is a ‘no-brainer’ for elected & appointed officials facing budget shortfalls,” commented Carissa Boudwin, Vice President, Marketing, Electro Scan Inc.

“Coming under greater regulatory scrutiny, municipal utilities are increasingly asking us to use our smart technology to quickly, reliably, and transparently determine if their capital investment in pipeline rehabilitation and replacement is really working,” stated Boudwin.

Major factors driving the exponential growth of the company and environmental monitoring solutions include catastrophic failure of new & existing infrastructure that results in loss of lives, environmental pollution, higher operating costs, stringent government regulations pertaining to the sustainability of structures, aging infrastructures, and the superior benefits over legacy infrastructure monitoring inspection techniques.

“By connecting job sites and providing construction & repair crews with real-time web-enabled quality assurance testing, FELL technology satisfies a real hot button for utility managers and ratepayers, alike,” said Ms. Boudwin.

In some notable recent projects, Electro Scan technology was used to assess 60,000 feet of newly installed Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) at several large and small cities, and an additional 30,000 feet of recently installed Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) at another major U.S. city. Significant deficiencies, not documented by legacy construction inspection techniques, were found in both projects.

Electro Scan’s patented and patent-pending low-voltage FELL technology quantifies each defect in familiar units of measures, including Gallons per Minute (GPM) and Liters per Second (LPS), pinpointing defect locations to within 0.4 inches (1cm) accuracy.

“Investor-owned and municipal utilities can’t afford to allow pipeline suppliers and contractors to leave the field before knowing if new construction or rehabilitation is watertight,” said Mike App, Northeast Regional Vice President, Electro Scan Inc. “Knowing precisely where a defect occurs, and its leakage rate, is paramount for delivering a sustainable built environment.”

“Thank you to Government Technology for this recognition and thank you to the growing number of local governments and utilities across the country that are adopting Electro Scan’s digital condition assessment platform,” stated Mike Condran, Southeast Regional Vice President, Electro Scan Inc.

“Our success is directly tied with the success of our local government and utility clients, and we couldn’t be more proud to serve our communities, their ratepayers, and all stakeholders,” said Condran.

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