Energenecs and Microbe Detectives partner to deliver total solutions to the wastewater industry

January 28, 2019 – Energenecs, a premier supplier of process equipment and control solutions to water and wastewater clients throughout the upper Midwest, now provides on-site support of Microbe Detectives DNA diagnostic services.

Microbe Detectives has pioneered the application of next generation DNA sequencing to analyze and help optimize wastewater treatment biological processes. Energenecs will help wastewater facilities with Microbe Detectives’ DNA diagnostic services by providing on-site expertise to help identify the opportunities, and the process equipment and control systems to deliver the optimal engineering solutions. Energenecs employs over 40+ engineers, master/journeyman electricians, field service personnel, project managers and related support staff.

“We were pretty blown away when we first learned about Microbe Detectives DNA diagnostic capabilities,” said Jared Feider, President, Energenecs. “It’s a very powerful discovery tool that can expose all sorts of new insights on wastewater treatment and renewable resource recovery processes. We are particularly excited to use this tool to better analyze and optimize anaerobic digesters and biological nutrient removal systems, and identify the root cause of wastewater treatment problems that our clients have never been able to figure out. It’s definitely game-changing technology.”

“More and more wastewater plants are starting to utilize our DNA services and need on-site support and engineering solutions to convert insights into action,” said John Tillotson, CEO of ThinkR3. “Energenecs offers a unique combination of on-site wastewater expertise, process equipment and control systems, and engineering solutions. In addition, Dr. Trevor Ghylin, Founder of Microbe Detectives, is now serving as Energenecs’ in-house DNA expert. This is truly a win-win-win partnership, for our clients, Energenecs and Microbe Detectives services.”

Microbe Detectives LLC was renamed ThinkR3 LLC in December 2018. The Microbe Detectives brand was retained as the name for ThinkR3’s DNA diagnostic services. The ordering process for Microbe Detectives services will remain the same, by going online at MicrobeDetectives.com.

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