Water—it is one of the most basic and precious natural resources on earth. But over the last century, water quality and supply have been under great threat due to water pollution, management, distribution, and increased demand and consumption from population growth and prosperity. These water challenges are issues that federal agencies, laboratories, and innovative companies are working to address through policy strategies and groundbreaking technologies.

The Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer (FLC) is eager to bring these known water issues to the forefront of the science and technology community. In partnership with The Water Council, the FLC is hosting the Water Innovation Virtual Forum (WIVF)—a one-day online event that will provide an opportunity for federal laboratories, and all water technology developers, to showcase their water-relevant research and development and ready-to-license technologies that are viable solutions to stop a potential global water crisis.

Taking place on Oct. 26, 2016, the WIVF offers water industry and federal laboratory professionals an easy-to-access, open setting in which to make real-time connections. With this forum, the FLC hopes to show that through collaborative efforts and federal technologies, the technology transfer (T2) process can contribute to addressing global issues that affect us all.

On March 22 of this year, the White House Water Summit identified the depth of problems different types of water crises would cause. The Virtual Forum topics will expand upon the issues discussed during the summit and allow federal policymakers and water industry leaders to strategize new ways of working together to find solutions.

All those with valuable strategy input or technology expertise that can address some of the water-related issues our world is facing are encouraged to attend. Some of the latest water-related technologies and resources will also be exhibited, and laboratory representatives will be standing by to discuss potential technology applications and further development to meet the water industry’s needs.

Registration is now open through wivf.federallabs.org. Accessible from anywhere with internet access, the WIVF is free to attendees and requires no downloads to your computer—making it one of the most convenient conferences you’ll attend this year.

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