Did you know that Insinkerator’s garbage disposal does more than grind up your food waste?

The technology which in fact was invented over 80 years ago in Racine, Wisconsin, works to make your home more environmentally sustainable. This is done by grinding up food waste into small particles that can easily pass through your plumbing and on to the wastewater treatment plant (if not on sewer, in your septic tank). Food would otherwise be discarded in your garbage and into a landfill, adding to the jaw-dropping statistic of food making up 21% of landfill waste.

“Increasingly our customers are recognizing these appliances of convenience as important sustainability tools, a means by which they can divert organic wastes from landfills to modern wastewater treatment plants.”

– Michael Keleman, manager of environmental engineering at InSinkErator.


Watch just how food waste can be diverted from landfills and converted into renewable energy and/or fertilizer by sending it through a garbage disposer.

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