Founding Water Council member, Zurn Industries, a Rexnord Company, has pledged one million dollars in hygienic product donations to qualifying healthcare facilities currently addressing COVID-19.  Products, including sensor faucets, soap dispensers, flush valves, sinks and hand dryers, will help improve hygiene by reducing the transfer of pathogens from surfaces or objects.

“Zurn’s vision has always been to provide the safest and most efficient water solutions to protect human health and the environment. Donating this product to healthcare facilities will allow them to increase hygiene with touchless, sensor-operated products, support CDC recommendations for handwashing in a Wet-Scrub-Rinse-Dry (WSRD) fashion and, hopefully, decrease the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We all must do our part during this pandemic, and Zurn will continue to provide support for our employees, customers, and communities.” — Craig Wehr, President of Zurn

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