When the folks at Stonehouse Water Technologies of Milwaukee were contacted about helping with Kewaunee County’s water issues, they had no idea that conditions were worse there than some of the Third World countries the company has worked with.

Charles Bensinger, director of water analytics at Stonehouse, said in Third World countries they usually are dealing with a single contaminant to a water supply, such as arsenic, bacteria or parasites, whereas Kewaunee County water has multiple problems, including nitrates, coliform, hormones and pharmaceuticals.

“I think they’re at the epicenter of what’s happening in our country,” said Stonehouse President Hensley Foster. “Where we came from is looking at the Third World and trying to have a system that is simple, low-energy and easy to maintain so that from a long distance we can have a sustainable way to maintain it. Quite surprising to us, when we look at the situation up in Kewaunee County, a lot of our thinking fits with it.”

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