What’s it all about, Alfie?

Water. And water technology.

For months, a new machine dubbed Alfie has been touring different locales across the U.S., sharing the latest in water filtration technology.

Last week, in a move that coincidentally tied in with Milwaukee Water Week, Alfie made a triumphant return to home base in Milwaukee — a locale that is increasingly being touted as a wellspring for the water technology industry.

Waukesha-based global manufacturing company CORNCOB, Inc., which specializes in water technology, developed the machine — which endearingly received the Alfie name early in the development process — with an eye toward providing cutting-edge products to the water and wastewater market.

CORNCOB is using Alfie as a catalyst for serving municipal and industrial water management systems. Last week, amid public demonstrations, CORNCOB used Alfie as a catalyst for turning water culled from the Menomonee River into a product that was safe to drink.

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