Roving Blue Products Named “Best of Show” in Portable Water Purification Category in Upcoming Retail Sporting Goods Debut

Posted on PRWeb on August 16, 2018

LENA, WIS. (PRWEB) AUGUST 16, 2018 — The O-Pen™, designed for hikers or travelers, will treat any clear surface or tap water with an advanced ozone technology. Ozone is far more powerful than chlorine, yet reverts to oxygen when it’s job is done, leaving no chemical residues or after-tastes.

The Ozo-Pod™, the company’s most versatile product, treats larger quantities of water.

Both products are dual purpose, they not only make clean water, they make “Water that CLEANS™.

“We are delighted and inspired for our water purification products to be recognized like this. This is our retail “Bricks and Mortar” debut into the sporting goods world. We chose NBS for this because of their long tradition of serving independently owned retailers.”
CEO- Marianna “Yana” DeMyer

NBS, Nation’s Best Sports is a nationwide sporting goods buying group. Established in 1956, the event highlights the latest products in Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Paddle & Water Sports, Apparel, and Accessories. Their mission is to provide independently owned retailers the ability to effectively compete in an ever-changing environment through aggressive purchasing, marketing and service opportunities.

Outdoor retailers looking to see the latest advancement in portable water purification will have the chance to see and order the products, for the first time, at this show. Roving Blue will be in Booth #517 as well as in the Best of Show room.

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