Travel and Leisure Magazine is a heavy hitter in the travel industry and what they say about a place goes a long way in determining how people view it. In their recent America’s Favorite Places feature, our very own Milwaukee was ranked the 6th most underrated town in the US. Of course, that’s not news to us that live here, but it’s nice to see that other folks are starting to recognize that we have a lot to offer here in Wisconsin.

The magazine said “the city has a lot of the same attractions – festivals, breweries, museums, and multi-cultural restaurants — with less of the hassle and a fraction of the expense,” which is pretty accurate. Whenever people dismiss Milwaukee, I remind them that we have all the amenities of bigger cities, but with lower taxes and cost of living and shorter commutes, among other things. The wonderful part about being in Milwaukee, in my opinion, is that we have everything I could want in a city – but if there happens to be some museum exhibition, concert or other event in Chicago, it’s conveniently right there for me to visit before coming right back home to Wisconsin. It’s the best of both worlds, in my opinion.

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