Milwaukee’s P4 Infrastructure, RRT, among six startups picked for Water Council’s BREW Accelerator

Posted by Nick Williams from the Milwaukee Business Journal on March 20, 2019

P4 Infrastructure Inc., a Milwaukee startup focused on civil infrastructure applied systems, and Rapid Radicals Technology, a startup that developed a wastewater treatment system that can treat sewer water, are among six startup companies, all from the Great Lakes region, selected for The Water Council’s BREW Accelerator in Milwaukee.

The accelerator is run out of the 98,000-square-foot Global Water Center at 247 W. Freshwater Way, the headquarters of The Water Council.

“The BREW Accelerator program is a critical contributor to The Water Council’s economic impact,” said Steve Glynn, director of innovation at The Water Council, in a statement provided by the organization. “The program fosters the next generation of water tech innovators and connects them with the resources they need to advance their ideas.”

P4 Infrastructure is developing multiple solutions, including a pavement-monitoring sensor system to track groundwater levels. The company is also developing sensors that track vibrations, which could be used by insurance and construction companies, and an intelligent traffic light system that would support camera systems be used as part of 5G cellular network and smart city networks.

The traffic light technology would help asset managers monitor the health and condition of the traffic light system, decreasing the costs of inspections and maintenance.

Rapid Radicals Technology, or RRT, developed end-of-pipe treatment technology that moves wastewater through a chemically enhanced conveyance system and safely back into lakes and rivers.

Other companies selected were:

The BREW accelerator program begins April 1.

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