Will remain at university as associate vice chancellor

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee associate vice chancellor, David Garman, will also serve as chief technology officer for The Water Council, the two organizations announced Tuesday.

Garman will lead The Water Council’s new ICE (Innovation Commercialization Exchange) initiative while continuing as association vice chancellor for water technology, research, and development at UWM.

Garman was the founding dean of the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences and is currently responsible for strategic water visioning, stimulating interdisciplinary research, translating research to industry and funding acquisition at UWM.

The Water Council recently announced a new plan to help foster the commercialization of water research across the country as part of a shift in the organization’s overall mission.

“This is a very exciting concept to directly link research labs with global water industry needs. I am pleased to be part of The Water Council team to implement this and would like to thank UWM for its support and foresight in involving me in this important initiative,” Garman said. “My involvement with a team of professionals to evaluate and match these is in itself an innovation that recognizes both the expertise in the university and the opportunity for transfer to industry.”

UWM chancellor Mark Mone said Garman’s dual roles would accelerate water industry innovations that can be commercialized and benefit society.

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