Kadeya, a Chicago-based startup looking make a splash in the water industry, is one of 10 market-ready or early in-market startups that’s been accepted to take part in a global industry-specific accelerator.

Designed for startups past the traditional accelerator stage, The Water Council’s BREW (Business, Research and Entrepreneurship in Water) 2.0 Water Technology Accelerator provides startups with growth-focused training and is meant for market-ready startups that have their ideas set but need some traction to accelerate into market.

Kadeya founder and CEO Manuela Zoninsein thinks the accelerator will be a springboard to scale and commercial expansion for the company.

“A lot of accelerators are more at the pre-seed stage, when a company is still figuring out their go-to-market strategy and value proposition,” Zoninsein told Chicago Inno. “I think that’s something we’ve done incredibly well is figuring out how to iterate commercially to understand our business model and value proposition before we had products in the field.”

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