I.Q. [Innovation Quotient] award goes to Wellntel Inc for their groundwater level sensing system innovation.

Lack of information regarding groundwater resources can lead to catastrophic expenses for home and property owners. More than 44 million Americans depend on private well water, and more than $1 billion is spent each year on emergency groundwater services. Additionally, the current technology on the market designed to provide the kind of preventative information home and property owners need is both complicated and expensive. Milwaukee-based Wellntel, co-founded by Nick Hayes and Marian Singer, was designed to change all that.

Wellntel provides groundwater level information directly to the consumer.

With Wellntel, users can see day-to-day what’s happening with their groundwater – if the well and pump are running as they should or if they need attention from an expert.

The Wellntel device consists of simple sensors at the top of a well and uses solar power to collect daily real-time groundwater level data. Users can see how levels in the well change seasonally or annually and which direction the water level is heading, and make changes to consumption in order to improve efficiencies.

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