Water technology is exploding in Milwaukee. A second Global Water Center will soon be built, and businesses are flocking to this ‘great place on a Great Lake.’ Here’s why. Many people know Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as a “great place on a Great Lake.” But not many people know it’s also a U.N. Global Compact City, a recognition that stems from its innovation in the water sector. Pair that with a history of high-water-use industries — such as tanning and brewing — and the fact that Milwaukee is a hub for more than 200 major water companies, and Wisconsin’s largest city becomes a force to be reckoned with when it comes to water expertise.

The Water Council
Milwaukee’s Water Council, which is housed at the Global Water Center, is at the heart of it all. The Water Council is a nonprofit with more than 170 member companies that focus on water preservation, research, technology, environmental protection and more.

According to Meghan Jensen, director of marketing and membership for The Water Council, people have started referring to the area in downtown Milwaukee — where the Global Water Center, Reed Street Yards Water Technology Park and UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences are located — as the Water Technology District.

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