M-WERC and The Water Council announce joint project to leverage regional assets

Plans to collaborate around energy water nexus announced at joint meeting

Milwaukee, WI – M-WERC and The Water Council today announced a joint project to leverage the region’s assets to address the energy-water nexus. Both organizations are positioning this region as the leading technology center for solutions and resources to mitigate global challenges at the intersection of energy and water systems.

During Thursday’s joint meeting of the two organizations, MWERC Executive Director and CEO Alan Perlstein announced plans for M-WERC and The Water Council to combine resources over the next nine months to develop an Energy-Water Nexus (EWN) Roadmap

The EWN Roadmap will explore the overall market and regional capabilities for supplying an array of technologies that work to decouple the requirement of energy for water and water for energy while in many cases, saving or creating, water and/or energy.

“The primary objective is to create a joint strategic plan that leverages our organizations as well as the regional resources to position us as the leader in this emerging market,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council. “Our region is uniquely qualified to lead due to high concentration of water and energy companies and research already taking place in this area.”

“Our region’s rich history and current make up of world class companies involved in the energy power and control and water industry, put us in a position to be the world leaders in developing opportunities in the Energy Water Nexus,” said M-WERC Executive Director and CEO Alan Perlstein. “We’re excited about this collaboration and look forward to working closely with The Water Council and its members.”

The project will include four joint workshops between both organizations and outside experts. The first workshop will be held on October 20 and the final workshop will conclude in late March or April next year. The final report and joint plan will be concluded by June 1, 2016.

About The Water Council

The Water Council, the only organization of its kind in the United States, was established in 2009 by Milwaukee-area businesses, education and government leaders. The non-profit organization, consisting of more than 170 members, is linking together global water technology companies, innovative water entrepreneurs, acclaimed academic research programs and, most importantly, some of the nation’s brightest and most energetic water professionals. The Water Council is capturing the attention of the world and transforming the Milwaukee region into a World Water Hub for freshwater research, economic development and education. For more information, visit www.thewatercouncil.com or contact us by phone at 414-988-8750.