February 23, 2017
Contact: Joshua Morby

M-WERC & The Water Council release joint roadmap on the Energy Water Nexus

Research provides opportunity for regional collaboration

[Milwaukee, Wis.] – Today, the Midwest Energy Research Consortium (M-WERC) and The Water Council are pleased to announce the release of their first-of-its kind Energy-Water Nexus (EWN) Roadmap report. A summary of the report, made available to the public, is also being released today and is designed to provide an overview of the more comprehensive roadmap available to members of each organization.

The EWN Roadmap project focused on the interdependency between energy and water and identified opportunities for the Midwest region; M-WERC, The Water Council and their members to further develop leadership roles in this emerging market space.

The report seeks to provide a usable tool for members of both organizations to identify specific EWN applications, benefits, target markets, industry categories, technologies, products and active companies within the market space. Additionally, this report will allow members to focus on, reposition and analyze their products and services within the framework of the growing global markets.

“The research confirms that the energy water nexus is going to grow and our region’s employers and researchers are well positioned to lead the effort,” said M-WERC executive director and CEO Alan Perlstein. “This project has been a great inaugural collaborative enterprise for both of our organizations.”

“The energy water nexus market is growing and posed for rapid and disruptive growth in the coming years,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of TWC.  “This report and our unique view of the EWN industry, was shaped by a series of five workshops attracting over 400 members of M-WERC and TWC over 12 months.”

On March 15, M-WERC will launch and fund a new EWN working group to serve as a platform for implementing the more than 20 recommendations from the EWN Roadmap Report. For information on how to participate in the working group, or to purchase access to the complete EWN Roadmap, please contact M-WERC at

The Energy Water Nexus Roadmap project involved a large cross section of both TWC and M-WERC members. In addition to executives from those organization and the principal authors listed below, the team included more than 20 of the worlds leading industry and academic authorities on the Energy-Water Nexus. A full list of the project’s participants, including those mentioned below, is available in the summery of the report available at the link below:

·      Alan Perlstein, M-WERC
·      Dean Amhaus, The Water Council
·      Cate Rahmlow, WEDC
·      John Bobrowich, M-WERC
·      Mark Siira, Power Innovation
·      Elizabeth Thelen, The Water Council
·      Robert Eckard, RSE Analytics
·      David Garman, UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences

The online version of the public report is available at