Sloan, the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, has earned verification to The Water Council’s WAVE program.

Independently awarded by SCS Global Services – an international leader in third-party sustainability verification – WAVE program verification indicates that Sloan has assessed water-related risks across the enterprise, identified the highest water-related impacts using credible water-related data, and implemented best practices in improving water stewardship performance.

In 2022, Sloan was among the first companies to sign on to The Water Council’s WAVE program, an initiative designed to help companies improve, report, and verify their water stewardship progress. Kirk Allen, Sloan’s Co-President and CEO, is a longtime member of The Water Council’s Board of Directors.

“Protecting our planet’s most precious resource is a fundamental responsibility of our business, and we take this obligation very seriously,” said Paul Sambanis, Sloan’s Vice President of Sustainability. “Sloan is proud to achieve certification for The Water Council’s WAVE program. It is an exciting opportunity to lead by example and proactively address water challenges with our peers.”

Sloan’s WAVE verification certificate from SCS Global Services required the completion of a six-step process, which included:

  1. Promoting Sloan’s membership in The Water Council
  2. Performing an enterprise-wide review of current practices that impact how water is procured, used, and discharged from direct operations and/or used in the value chain
  3. Performing a watershed risk assessment of key sites under direct operational control and/or sites from which key inputs are sourced and services delivered
  4. Prioritizing sites where water-related risks are highest and can be mitigated through direct application of water stewardship practices; and/or prioritizing actions in the value chain
  5. Securing senior-level approval of an enterprise-wide statement on water stewardship
  6. Communicating an enterprise-wide action plan, resulting goals, and timeline for implementing water stewardship projects and/or practices at high-risk sites or within the value chain

“By following the six-step process above, Sloan has demonstrated that it is strategically prioritizing water-related action where it matters most,” said Matt Howard, The Water Council’s Vice President of Water Stewardship. “We are excited to see Sloan take the next step in its water stewardship journey.”

Sloan concentrates its water efforts on three key areas: designing innovative and water-efficient products, monitoring and conserving water in its operations, and promoting water stewardship with its stakeholders. One example of these efforts is through Sloan’s Foundry, where evaporative condenser cooling towers are installed to make use of recycled water, reclaiming approximately 18 million gallons of water each year.

Entering 2024, Sloan plans to build on its water stewardship and sustainability progress in the following ways:

The Water Council, an internationally acclaimed nonprofit dedicated to freshwater innovation, has helped companies of all sizes and industries improve water stewardship. It created the WAVE program to help businesses anywhere in the world address water on an enterprise level, moving beyond non-contextual water management targets to develop meaningful strategies, goals, and actions. To learn more about the WAVE program, visit its webpage.

To learn more about Sloan’s commitments to water stewardship, sustainability, and wellness,  visit Sloan’s website or download Sloan’s ESG report. Follow Sloan on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube for additional updates.


About Sloan
Sloan is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems and has been in operation since 1906. Headquartered in Franklin Park, Illinois, USA, the company is at the forefront of the green building movement and provides smart, sustainable, and hygienic restroom solutions by manufacturing water-efficient products such as flushometers, electronic faucets, sink systems, soap dispensers, and vitreous china fixtures to promote wellness in commercial, industrial, and institutional markets worldwide. Follow Sloan on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube.