The Water Council is pleased to announce the winners of its spring 2022 Tech Challenge, chosen by industry leaders to help solve real challenges in the water sector.

The Water Council’s Tech Challenge connects water innovators with leading water technology companies, facilitating potential partnerships and helping new ideas and technologies gain exposure in the industry. The spring 2022 challenge sought solutions in the areas of non-turbine energy harvesting and lowering operating expenses in sludge management.

The challenge’s sponsors, A. O. Smith, Badger Meter, Watts Water Technologies and Xylem,  selected the winners to receive $10,000 prizes:

MIS7, the Netherlands, won the energy harvesting topic for its innovation using the temperature difference between a pipe and its surroundings to generate electrical energy.

Biovert Protein, Thailand, won the sludge management topic for its work reclaiming wastewater for reuse using a nature-based intervention to clean water and upcycle nutrient waste into renewable biomaterials.

“The Tech Challenge continues to pull ideas from all over the world, with applications from eight countries in this round,” says Karen Frost, The Water Council vice president of economic development and innovation. “We are proud to shine a light on developing innovations for our sponsors and the water technology sector at large.”