The Water Council commends Wisconsin’s Elected Leaders for placing a priority on Clean Water

MILWAUKEE (January 29, 2019) – The Water Council (TWC) applauds Governor Tony Evers and Speaker Robin Vos for their recent announcements to find solutions to ensure clean water for Wisconsin’s citizens and businesses. Governor Evers’ declaration that 2019 is the Year of Clean Drinking Water in Wisconsin and Speaker Vos’ creation of a task force on water quality are important steps to tackle water issues in rural communities and urban neighborhoods.

Water is perhaps our state’s greatest natural resource and a critical input for businesses in some of our leading sectors like food and beverage and pulp and paper manufacturing. Just as important, people and communities need sustainable sources of water for drinking while also serving as one of Wisconsin’s primary tourist and outdoor attractions. The balance of economic growth and delivering clean, safe water is a complex issue but it can and must be achieved for the collective future of Wisconsin.

“Through smart planning, stewardship best practices and strategic use of the best water technologies, we can ensure the sustainability and security of our water resources for businesses, people and nature in Wisconsin,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council. “Water knows no political or geographic boundaries and therefore it is an issue that we as Wisconsin’s citizens and businesses must collectively solve through sustainable management and technology innovations.”

TWC and Wisconsin’s cluster of 200 water-focused members possess the world’s most diverse and skilled set of manufacturers, practitioners, academic experts and advocates in the water quality space.

“Our cluster stands ready to help the Governor and Legislature as innovative solution providers, technical experts, sustainability advisors and overall advocates for clean water which is vital for the health of our citizens and an essential resource for our state’s businesses,” added Amhaus.

The Water Council is the global center for advancing water technologies and stewardship and works to promote and advocate for Wisconsin-based solutions to water challenges across North America and globally. One of the objectives of The Water Council is fostering synergistic relationships with a focus on collaboration and innovation that serve Milwaukee’s water technology cluster and provide solutions for water challenges.


About The Water Council
Headquartered in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, next to the world’s largest freshwater system, The Water Council is a non-profit organization that drives economic, technology and talent development to support the regional and global water industry. In 2018 the Brookings Institute called Milwaukee’s water technology hub “one of the national models for identification and implementation of a cluster initiative and represents a highly collaborative economic development effort that is industry driven, university fueled and government funded.”

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