The Water Council Supports the Wisconsin WINS Act

MILWAUKEE – OCT 19 – The Water Council supports Senator Alberta Darling, Senator Dan Feyen, Senator Van Wanggaard and Representative Adam Neylon’s call for the creation of the Wisconsin Workforce and Innovation Network for Success (WINS) Act, a vital initiative to help expand new product research and development, innovation through competition to solve or improve a local problem, capacity building and business accelerators.

Whether it is a natural resource or an academic expertise, businesses have naturally congregated around key strengths and assets that exist in Wisconsin. Over decades these businesses developed locally and expanded globally. What has not existed are coordinated efforts to strengthen these organic industry clusters so that they grow further, find the necessary workforce, and pursue new competitive innovations. With water technology we have seen how a carefully managed program of collaboration brings benefits to our businesses, universities and workforce. Most importantly is the spill over impact of economic development for a neighborhood, city, region and the state.

“The Wisconsin WINS Act is a bold and unique approach to position Wisconsin as the solution leader for high-demand industries,” said Dean Amhaus, president and CEO of The Water Council. “By taking our existing industry and academic strengths and building upon their foundation, it is not only individual businesses and universities that are globally competitive, but an entire cluster. The combination of solving big challenges, fostering research and development, piloting new solutions and building cluster partnerships is a well-rounded approach that ultimately creates many WINS for Wisconsin.”

The Wisconsin WINS Act will help transform economic growth in communities across Wisconsin by providing the funding and framework for collaboration between industry, academia and government accelerating Wisconsin to the forefront of innovation, enabling Wisconsinites to work in industries on the cutting edge, while reshaping our economy for the 21st century.

More information about the Wisconsin WINS Act is available at