Ten water technology start-ups from five countries – spanning AI for water utilities to nutrient-harvesting from algae to rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water – will receive targeted training, network connections and the opportunity to pitch their innovations worldwide as part of the 2024 cohort of The Water Council’s BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator.

The companies, hailing from the U.S., Canada, Ireland, France and Switzerland, will receive several weeks of virtual training in spring and participate in an in-person week in Milwaukee in June, culminating in a public pitch event on Wednesday, June 26. The in-person week also includes a curated investor and corporate event in partnership with NVNG Investment Advisors. The companies are all market-ready or early in-market, a critical time for growth and scale.

The cohort was selected from nearly 50 applications from 13 countries. BREW 2.0 is sponsored by Beckhoff Automation, Xylem and Thales Water Advisors.

“BREW 2.0 has truly become a global program assisting some of the most promising water technology startups solving critical issues of water quality and quantity,” said Karen Frost, The Water Council vice president of economic development and innovation. “We’re excited to help these companies build connections and increase capacity so they can reach the next stage in their growth.”

The 10 companies of the 2024 cohort are:

AquaB (Ireland): AquaB Nanobubble Innovations Ltd is a University College Dublin spin-out company. Its unique electric field method for nanobubble generation leads to significant energy savings and greater flexibility in application in areas such as oil and gas recovery, water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Avivid Water Technology (U.S.): Avivid Water treats heavily contaminated industrial wastewater for reuse or release with its TurboCoag® water treatment system. Avivid’s patented electrocoagulation reactor removes PFAS, heavy metals, suspended solids and more without the use of toxic chemicals.

bNovate Technologies (Switzerland): bNovate’s flagship device, BactoSense, is an automated and online bacterial monitoring system designed for rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water.

CANN Forecast (Canada): CANN Forecast specializes in AI-driven solutions for proactive water and wastewater management. It offers two main products: InteliPipes, for identifying the most at-risk pipes, and InteliFlow, for wastewater flow forecasting.

Diamidex (France): Diamidex has developed a unique platform of equipment and reagents that allow users to enumerate all kind of targeted culturable microbes in water before they become visible to the eye.

GKinetic (Ireland): GKinetic provides clean, reliable energy generation from manmade and natural waterways, empowering communities and water-reliant industries worldwide and contributing to global sustainability and energy security.

Gross-Wen Technologies (U.S.): GWT’s patented Revolving Algal Biofilm (RAB™) technology harnesses the power of algae to recover nutrients the way nature intended.

Kadeya (U.S.): Kadeya’s patented “bottling as a service” kiosk washes, sanitizes, inspects and refills bottles to eliminate 99.9% of plastic waste, 75% of greenhouse gas emissions, and 37% of the costs versus packaged beverages.

Shower Stream (U.S.) Shower Stream offers a high-quality smart shower head that solves behavioral waste in hotels.

SmartD (Canada): By improving motor efficiency and reducing wear and tear on equipment, the SmartD Technologies Clean Power Variable Frequency Drive helps businesses save energy, lower costs, minimize their carbon footprint, and maximize productivity and efficiency, with implications for water and wastewater treatment.