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The Water Council is the official North American regional partner for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), an international multi-stakeholder organization dedicated to enhancing water stewardship. AWS brings together leading organizations from around the globe who are committed to advancing the responsible use of freshwater. As a result, AWS-North America (AWS-NA) works collaboratively to develop North American water users and managers into world-class water stewards who protect and enhance freshwater resources for people and nature.

AWS-NA’s mission is to enhance and build awareness of the AWS global water stewardship system by improving the sustainability of North American freshwater resources and the competitiveness of North American water users and managers through implementation of water stewardship practices that promote the following site-level and watershed-level outcomes:

  • Good water governance
  • Sustainable water balance
  • Good water quality
  • Improvement and protection of importance water-related areas

At the heart of the program is the stakeholder-endorsed AWS International Water Stewardship Standard (“AWS Standard”), which can be downloaded for free. The AWS Standard functions as a strategic framework for sites to identify and mitigate water-related risks at specific sites or within supply chains; identify and address shared-water challenges; and create shared-value by improving the sustainability of North America’s freshwater resources.


AWS Funding Members are organizations which we publicly recognize and thank for their commitment of additional resource to help further the development of the Alliance for Water Stewardship. To become a 2018 AWS Funding Member organizations must pledge as a minimum the amounts shown below. Pledges above the minimum are also welcomed. Public sector agency AWS Funding Member status is by arrangement, dependent upon the nature and scope of the organization. Please select the Funding Member category for which you wish to apply from list below.

Private sector – $34,000+

Public sector – By arrangement

Civil society organization – $13,000+











Become a member of the Alliance for Water Stewardship and join the world’s leading water stewards in a community of practice that shares knowledge, works together to address shared challenges, and supports members through a global network of experts from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.

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