Meet the alumni of our brew 2.0 post-accelerator

This page lists previous participants in our BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator, which launched in 2021. Click here for alumni of our original BREW Accelerator program, which ran from 2013 to 2019.

2024 brew 2.0 cohort

Unique electric field method for nanobubble generation Treats heavily contaminated industrial wastewater for reuse or release Automated and online bacterial monitoring system designed for rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water AI-driven solutions for proactive water and wastewater management


Innovative solutions to detect/count targeted microorganisms in the water Clean, reliable energy generation from man-made and natural waterways Revolving Algal Biofilm (RAB™) technology harnesses the power of algae to recover nutrients “Bottling as a service” kiosk washes, sanitizes, inspects, and refills bottles
High-quality smart shower head that solves behavioral waste in hotels Clean Power VFD helps businesses save energy, lower costs, minimize their carbon footprint, and maximize productivity and efficiency


2023 brew 2.0 cohort

Energy-neutral wastewater treatment-as-a-service for industrial, agricultural & residential applications Innovative solutions for wastewater biological treatment EPA-award-winning technology to destroy toxic PFAS molecules in water Novel high-efficiency, low-cost, renewable utility scale water supplies developed from air



Software-as-a-service for water & wastewater management Robotic pipeline inspection solutions with advanced software IoT sensor & software for measuring water level, flow, temperature & other water parameters Innovative equipment & solutions that provide insight into critical biological activity
Simple, automated & precise microbiological water quality monitoring solutions Software solution to streamline sample collection & lab analysis workflows

2022 brew 2.0 cohort

Onsite destruction of PFAS
(forever chemicals)
Real-time, online microbiological measurements AI platform with holistic distribution system monitoring More precise and controllable filtration and separation technologies
Data-as-a-service model enables
more accurate pipe assessment
Portable device for water
quality monitoring
Cloud-based SaaS uses AI to reduce costs, operational risk & emissions AI-powered analytics software
for water utilities
Sustainable water treatment with programmable water quality Online system detects
pathogens & bacteria

2021 BREW 2.0 Cohort

Spiral-wound water membrane solutions Unmanned aerial vehicles for high-resolution harmful algal bloom monitoring Integrated hardware and software IoT solutions for water distribution management Autonomous environmental monitoring robots for sampling, measurement and surveillance services
Industrial wastewater filtration technology Satellite water infrastructure and analytics technology Eco-friendly solution that
destroys organic pollutants
100 percent green, ultra-low-cost water filtration media
Bio-electrode sensor technology that provides real-time microbial performance monitoring Buoyancy-based membrane
filtration systems
Sensors and cloud-based software for real-time monitoring and insights for water distribution networks Water treatment solution for phosphorus runoff