our spring 2023 tech challenge is now open!

Applications for our spring Tech Challenge will be accepted through May 1. The topics are:

  • Electrochemical sensors to detect pharmaceutical pollutants in water
  • Low-cost structural plastic materials for use in chlorinated water

Read on to learn more about the topics, or click here to learn more about how Tech Challenge works.

Topic 1: Electrochemical Sensors to Detect Pharmaceutical Pollutants in Water 

Seeking innovative solutions for water quality sensors to detect pharmaceutical pollutants without the need for grab samples. The solutions may be individual sensors, complete systems, algorithms or concepts by talented individuals. Solutions should be:

  • Durable 
  • Minimizing false positives or false negatives 
  • Non-toxic reagents or no reagents required 
  • Low energy usage 
  • Rapid response  
  • Low cost 


topic 2: Low Cost Structural Plastic Materials for use in Chlorinated Water

Seeking novel structural plastic materials solutions for equipment that comes in contact with chlorinated water. Alternatives to materials currently on the market (e.g., Noryl, Fortron and nylon) are sought for the following types of potential applications: 

  • Potable water distribution systems 
  • Point of use/point of entry water treatment 
  • Cooling towers and systems 
  • Water and wastewater piping in buildings 
  • Boilers and water circulation systems 

Solutions should be:

  • Injection moldable 
  • Chlorine tolerant 
  • Wide range of operating temperatures 
  • Durable 
  • Low cost 



Karen Frost

VP Economic Development