Enspired Solutions Inc.

Enspired Solutions is a women-owned and women-led cleantech startup company commercializing a technology that destroys toxic per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substance (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” in water. Our USEPA-award winning, patented chemistry uses PFAS reductive defluorination (PRD) to permanently destroy PFAS and return them to non-toxic molecular components without the need for off-site disposal.

PRD is a unique chemistry coupled with ultraviolet light to stimulate a reaction that systematically disassembles PFAS molecules to water, fluoride, and simple carbon compounds. By adding liquid catalysts to form a reactive cage, PRD dramatically increases energy efficiency for destruction of both long-chain and short-chain PFAS molecules. PRD has no toxic byproducts and does not form PFAS from precursors in solution.

Our technology is packaged in fully-automated, compact and versatile water treatment equipment, called the PFASigator™, that can be used alone or plugged directly into existing water treatment systems. It is safe to operate and has low energy demands.

Enspired Solutions serves industries, municipalities, landfill owners, and all levels of government who have concerns related to PFAS in their wastewater, groundwater, or drinking water supplies. Our technology destroys PFAS at a cost comparable to existing capture and disposal options, mitigates liability, and shifts the PFAS lifecycle to a waste-free system.