Forward Water Technologies

Forward Water Technologies Inc. (“FWT”) provides wastewater treatment for a broad range of industrial applications utilizing a unique, proprietary forward osmosis process. The technology was originally developed by Queen’s University and brought to the pilot stage at GreenCentre Canada. The company has recently demonstrated the technology at commercial scale as part of a SDTC/Alberta Innovates demonstration project. This project demonstrated that FWT’s technology provides a wastewater treatment solution that has significantly lower capital requirements and operating costs than competing wastewater treatment solutions.

Water is the critical challenge of the 21st Century and is essential for all aspects of human development. Established wastewater handling methods are either costly disposal routes or rely on energy intensive remediation. FWT has developed a novel forward osmosis (FO) process that uses significantly lower energy inputs and simplified capital designs when compared to competing processes. This enables markedly improved economics in the treatment of these waste streams. The FWT proprietary advancement in FO technology will significantly reduce wastewater disposal volumes and simultaneously provide a freshwater stream that can be recycled into operations leading to both a reduction in total water costs and environmental footprint.