Fresh Coast Climate Solutions

Fresh Coast Climate Solutions (Fresh Coast) is a climate and sustainability consulting company, formed to guide clients in taking direct and bold actions to address climate change. Our goal is to mitigate carbon emissions, support water stewardship programs, build resilient supply chains, strengthen communities, and accelerate brands. Fresh Coast leads clients in their decarbonization, environmental social governance (ESG), electrification, water stewardship and carbon equity efforts. Our expertise is focused on organizations that want to lead with action and mitigate carbon emissions, no matter their size.

Fresh Coast understands water programs have moved beyond site focused initiatives to recognition that water is a shared resource with broader watershed considerations. We help you integrate water stewardship into your sustainability strategies and outcomes.

Fresh Coast serves clients across diverse industries, including cleantech, automotive, food, agriculture, consumer products, apparel, manufacturing, retail, utility and transportation. We’re passionate about reversing climate change by developing and implementing innovative, transformative solutions that allow companies to adapt, scale, and excel. We believe that by working together, we bring our clients a stronger and deeper array of solutions.