Green Lake Association

The Green Lake Association is an environmental non-profit safeguarding Big Green Lake, Wisconsin’s deepest natural inland lake. This small, committed organization is tackling the greatest water quality challenge of our time to protect the lake that is existential to our community. Through phosphorus reduction and aquatic invasive species mitigation, the Green Lake Association is building a healthy, resilient watershed that will create a clean, restored Green Lake for years to come.

In 2014, the Wisconsin DNR listed Green Lake as impaired for a metalimnetic oxygen minima caused by phosphorus loading. A 45% reduction in annual phosphorus loading is required to remove the lake from the impaired waters list, while nearly a 70% reduction is necessary to shift the lake back to its oligotrophic state.

Since it is evident that applying traditional acre-by-acre best management practices throughout the Green Lake 107 square mile watershed is no longer enough, the Green Lake Association is seeking innovative solutions that quickly intercept or remove phosphorus from the lake and its inlets. To avoid an ecological tipping point, it is imperative that the Green Lake Association explore impactful options to advance our water quality progress. With 80% of the lake’s phosphorus loading flowing under two bridges, we have a unique challenge that requires tailored technology to tackle these phosphorus pinch points and accelerate Big Green’s return to a clean lake.