A New Partnership with the Central States Water Environment Association

By Dean Amhaus, President & CEO

Partnership is the lifeblood of our work at The Water Council, so we are pleased to announce our newest collaboration with the Central States Water Environment Association (CSWEA).

CSWEA is a Water Environment Federation (WEF) organization operating in Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin that offers multiple opportunities for the exchange of water quality knowledge and experiences among its members and the public and fosters a greater awareness of water quality achievements and challenges.

This partnership will help CSWEA members connect with emerging technology companies, engage in research and piloting opportunities, and get plugged into events and training that will increase members’ awareness of and access to innovations that are revolutionizing the water industry. CSWEA member participation in The Water Council’s programs will reduce the overall risk and cost of considering new innovations to address increasingly complex operations, compliance and efficiency needs.

In turn, The Water Council will get more exposure for our programming and members, helping create even more collaborations that will help solve global water challenges. CSWEA members could potentially expand our network of pilot sites and offer connections for our NSF Resiliency Innovation Engine, which aims to find water and energy resiliency solutions for manufacturers and utilities.

We will continue to build this relationship and seek new opportunities for heightened and meaningful engagement. For now, CSWEA will help promote programs such as our BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator, Tech Challenge and Pilot Program along with our Global Directory to help CSWEA members find collaborators in solving unique problems.

We are excited to see this partnership grow! For more information, contact Laura Mullen at The Water Council or Guy Carpenter at CSWEA.


Laura Mullen, Dean Amhaus and Karen Frost of The Water Council and Guy Carpenter of CSWEA during a visit to the Global Water Center, The Water Council’s headquarters in Milwaukee.