A Year of Water Crises & Solutions

When we look back at 2022, we might see it as the year the world finally took notice of the rapid and dramatic escalation of critical water challenges. But I remain optimistic about our abilities to solve and adapt to these challenges as I watch our members develop new water technologies and adopt water stewardship best practices to use water more wisely and reduce operational risks.

Commerce, Climate & Data

Our Water Leaders Summit is only two weeks away! We’ve put together a dynamite slate of discussions for the Oct. 5 and 6 event centered on today’s biggest water headlines, including water scarcity in the West, water’s role in national security, corporate water stewardship and PFAS remediation.

Water Work Keeps Roaring Forward

While it has been rainy and chilly for us the last few weeks, the grass is turning green and the flowers are appearing. This renewed energy reminds me of the exciting activities taking place at The Water Council. I’m especially pleased that we are having more in-person meetings, hosting visitors from across the world, planning our first member meeting in two years and preparing for the return of our Water Leaders Summit in October.