Cows, data and affordability

A roundup of the 2018 Mini-Water Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C.


By: Meghan Jensen, VP Marketing & Communications for The Water Council



On April 26 we partnered with A. O. Smith Corporation to hold our second mini-Water Leaders Summit in Washington, D.C. called “Building an Innovative Future for Water Policy & Technology in America.” Fifty policy makers, their teams, and water industry professionals and service providers met in the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center to learn about our current water infrastructure challenges and opportunities, and how industry is pushing forward with water innovation best practices at the corporate level. The end goal? How technology and policy can help transform the water sector.

With a warm welcome from U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin and A. O. Smith’s CEO Ajita Rajendra, within two hours, seven speakers and two moderators shared stories that left attendees feeling hopeful and energized.

The commonality that resonated through each conversation? Affordability, data and innovation. Take a look at what our speakers had to say.

Conversation 1: Water Infrastructure in the U.S.

Keeping in mind that ‘infrastructure’ encompasses drinking water service lines, water and wastewater management, storm water management, dams and flood control projects, and more.

Dr. Andrew Sawyers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Ryan Seiger, House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee’s Sub. on Water Resources and Environment


Andrew Harding, Senate EPW Committee


Conversation 2: The quiet disruptors: How private industry is taking on water challenges

Companies understand how important water is and how much they use. This conversation was about what the smartest companies do to make their water as ‘productive’ as possible — cleaning it, reusing it, finding profit in what was ‘waste.’

Pat Cardiff, Grande Cheese Company


Patrick Regan, Evoqua Water Technologies


Charles Fishman, author of The Big Thirst (moderator)


How Wisconsin is Leading the Way

Rich Meeusen, Badger Meter


Jim Stern, A. O. Smith Corporation




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