Milwaukee’s water cluster and The Water Council are currently featured in Delta Sky Magazine, the on-board publication found on all Delta Airline flights. The article, entitled “Conserving Water with Blue Tech” describes the plight of the California drought that has plagued the west coast since 2012. Depending on whom you ask, it goes on to say, it is the worst “since the gold rush, the worst in 500 years, or possibly ever.” It details how that state’s drinking water supply has become threatened, and how farmers in hard hit region Central Valley have been forced to shut down.

Enter The Water Council, and our growing water cluster, the leading solution provider for freshwater challenges in North America. As many of our Members are aware, Milwaukee has a long history with water as the city was built on brewing, tanning and meatpacking, all water-intensive industries. While many of those operations have decreased their presence, the suppliers that provided the pumps, meters, heaters, etc remain, and have shifted their focus on addressing global freshwater issues.

The article describes how are startups in The BREW at the Global Water Center are providing answers, and disruptive, innovative technologies to address the growing water crisis. It also mentions Imagine H2O’s efforts in California to help address the state’s water disparity by holding business plan contests, and other programming for “blue tech” entrepreneurs looking to bring new products to market. The point of the article is to create awareness of the growing water scarcity crisis, and the need for organizations like The Water Council and Imagine H2O, which are working to help solve these problems, with new, innovative technologies that ensure the future of our most precious resource.

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