Future Water Leaders Fund Student Scholarship

This scholarship is provided jointly by The Water Council, Neroli Salon & Spas and Aveda Institutes. The purpose of this scholarship is to assist in funding student endeavors in water, which could range from study abroad programs that are water related, to actual projects such as helping install a water system, to enrolling in graduate study programs that are water-focused. This application is fairly open-ended. An applicant could use these funds to (among other things): assist in capital costs for a water project, help pay for travel expenses or to pay tuition for certain academic programs. Up to five thousand dollars will be awarded to winners determined by the Aveda Institute’s Green Teams and The Water Council.

 Funding assistance for:

Must be a Wisconsin graduate, undergraduate, or technical college student studying water (environmental, conservation, technology, engineering, law, etc.).


  1. Go to globalwaterport.com and log in or create a free account
  2. Go to the Prizes & Challenges tab
  3. Find the award: Future Water Leaders Fund – Student Scholarship
  4. Follow the steps as outlined on the application and submit

Applications are due April 25, 2018.

Contact Colin Flanner at cflanner@thewatercouncil.com