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The anticipation is growing. With its debut at last year’s Summit, we’re excited to unveil firsthand to Water Summit attendees the beta of Global Water Port – a brand new tool of The Water Council that will amplify global collaboration through a super-charged, web-based, research and data dashboard. If you’d like to be first in line to beta test this one-of-a-kind tool before it rolls out, join us at the Summit on June 23. We’d love your feedback.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 23 | 2-3pm
Don’t miss the opportunity to catch a sneak peek of this new tool and sign-up to be a beta tester!

What is the Global Water Port?
Created by a partnership between The Water Council and inno360, and after a national competitive review by the U.S. Small Business Administration, Global Water Port makes available the latest social collaboration tools and access to the most relevant content including patent, academic, and industry databases to help the water ecosystem learn, connect, and execute the most pressing innovation needs. Inno360, one of the world’s leading Enterprise Innovation Management platforms, has worked with leading industry companies such as Coca Cola, Nestle, and General Mills to create similar platform devices.

How can I sign-up to be a Beta tester?
Join us for a live beta at Breakout Session 2B on Tuesday, June 23 from 2-3:00pm or visit The Water Council’s Center of Excellence for Small Business Development booth for a hands-on experience with a 70″ touch screen. During the beta test participants will have the opportunity to propose a NEW beta project. Registration to become a beta tester will be open during June 23 and 24 ONLY, and will not re-open until late September. Don’t miss your chance to be one of our exclusive beta testers!

What will the breakout session cover?
This session will showcase and demonstrate elements of the Global Water Port, currently in beta. Attendees will learn how to collaborate on this new research portal to identify the most compelling innovation needs, find and assemble expert networks, work on projects to develop solutions, and ultimately market and sell these innovations.

Registration for Water Summit 2015 closes FRIDAY! CLICK HERE to register NOW!

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