By: Neil Lappley, founder of Lappley & Associates and proud member of The Water Council

Lappley & Associates recently conducted a survey of The Water Council members to learn their compensation-related priorities and create a discussion topic surrounding this for a business development session, the Bubbler, held in the Global Water Center in Milwaukee.

Members surveyed were primarily mid-sized organizations. Of the 50 members that were eligible to participate, almost all inputs were from chief executive officers or c-suite executives. Participation rate was approximately one-third, a high participation rate for this type survey.

Midwest Organizations Compensation Priorities

Before examining the results of the survey, I would like to also explain a larger survey of the compensation priorities of a broad cross section of Midwest organizations. A colleague and I regularly conduct seminars for senior executives, and human resource and compensation professionals in Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. At the end of each session, we ask what are the biggest compensation issues facing their organizations. Based upon several hundred inputs, the following issues consistently emerge:


Member Company Compensation Priorities

Priorities of mid-sized members of The Water Council are more diverse. All areas noted below were at about equal importance.


Please contact me at or (847) 864-8979 to discuss any questions you may have from the results of the survey. Feel free to forward this report to anyone else who may be interested or you can view The Water Council’s event calendar to see when the next Bubbler takes place.




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