Sustainable filters derived from sustainable materials

STAR Water Solutions designs innovative filter for stormwater pollution



By: Taylor Baseheart, Communications Manager for The Water Council


Metals, pathogens, pharmaceuticals and toxic compounds. These are just a few things that wastewater can carry. Removing these components is commonly done with sand filters that have an expiration date attached. STAR Water Solutions has created a Reactive Filter Media (RFM) to remove these compounds that has a 3-4 times longer life span than the common sand filter.

Based in Australia, STAR Water Solutions has designed an advanced bio-filtration system that works in urban, industrial, agriculture and mining markets. With funding from The Water Council’s Pilot Program supported by Fund for Lake Michigan (FFLM), Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) and Wells Fargo, STAR Water Solutions is pursuing 9 pilot sites to place their technology including MMSD.

“The MMSD and City of Milwaukee pilot project provides STAR Water with the opportunity to demonstrate our leading-edge bio-filtration technology to help protect Lake Michigan and waterways flowing into the lake,” stated CEO Chris Rochfort. “Our technology includes locally sourced sustainable materials and a computer design system for optimizing filter designs to meet exact requirements.”

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