Clear & Sizable Opportunities for Overseas Water Tech Firms

By Beverley Ferrara, European Representative

headshot of Beverly Ferrara

For many firms, expanding into the US is attractive in theory, but daunting in practice. It’s even more challenging given current travel restrictions.

Realizing the value of convening groups to share insights and ideas, The Water Council recently launched a new initiative to make it easier for European firms to connect with other water professionals in our ecosystem — and with each other: Overseas Member2Member conversations.

Opening New Doors

Last week we were delighted to welcome a full cohort of TWC members from Denmark, the U.K., Canada, Spain and the Netherlands to our first group discussion on U.S. market entry. Participants introduced their companies, pitched their solutions and shared their strategies for market entry and scaling in the United States.

Respected subject matter experts from Milwaukee — Noah Sabich, managing director of Cimbria Consulting, and Dan Gawronski, partner at legal firm Michael Best & Friedrich LLP — were on hand to address the many factors that come into play when entering into new markets, from unfamiliar legal environments and cultural differences to opportunities in the water and clean tech sector.

In addition to meeting with experts, participants also had the opportunity to learn from each other, peer-to-peer. In fact, post-event, two companies are having a follow-up discussion on opportunities for collaboration.

The session was productive and energizing, with a pointed takeaway: There are clear and sizeable opportunities in the U.S. for companies in the water and clean tech sector.

Fernando Ramirez, U.S. managing director of Hydraloop, put it well: “Although I’m in a somewhat unique position as I am boots on the ground for a Dutch company, I can attest market entry into the U.S. is a tremendous opportunity for technology companies in the water sector.”

Better together

Based on conversations with members located outside the U.S., we’ve learned they’re taking advantage of the current environment by conducting market research, making connections and laying the foundations for market entry. As travel is still challenging, we’re finding companies appreciate this initiative as a way to continue moving their ideas forward.

Facilitating new dialogue and ideas is a primary goal of The Water Council’s international program. Along with my colleague, Karen Frost, we help put our British and European members in touch with the right people who can help them discover and address their issues and concerns. We look forward to continuing the next meeting in our series in July.

Thanks to all our participants: Cimbria Consulting, Michael Best, SIGMA DAF Clarifiers, Ovarro, APX10, NX Filtration, Forward Water Technologies  and Hydraloop.