In the August issue of Water Online – The Magazine, the Milwaukee region was named one of 12 Top Sites in America for Water Technology. The EPA has identified 12 water technology clusters throughout the United States. The areas consist of businesses, education and research institutions, and other organizations focused on the future of water innovation. The featured story provides a snapshot of the enormous tasks these various clusters have taken on in their respective regions and details how innovative clusters focused on water technology, innovation and sustainability are emerging throughout North America.

Also notable in the August issue is the Letter from the Editor, Kevin Westerling, titled, “New Standard Applies to Every Water Manager, Everywhere.” The letter details the recent spring 2014 launch of the Alliance for Water Stewardship’s Standard, and how implementation of said standard can be done by water companies of all sizes. He briefly touches on the certification process and various stages that must be carried with proof of execution. It is yet another example of how our Members are continually recognized as leading water innovators, and further proof that the adoption of the International Water Stewardship Standard is vital for the future of our most precious natural resource. READ MORE

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