10 Finalists in $10 Million Incentive Prize Contest Named

Incentive Prize is Among Biggest in History; Seeks New Technology to Halt Algae-Causing Phosphorous in Water

The Everglades Foundation has dedicated four years and a grand prize of $10 million dollars to showing the world just how serious phosphorus water pollution is.

10 finalists in the George Barley Water Prize presented by the Everglades Foundation and Scott’s MiracleGro Foundation were named on October 26. We’re excited to share that MetaMateria, a recent BREW Accelerator winner, is part of the final 10 that advanced on to the “Pilot Stage” of the competition where they’ll compete on-site in Ontario, Canada in early 2018 to prove their technology’s ability to remove phosphorus in cold water climates. From there, three companies will be selected as Grand Prize Finalists in August 2018.

Congratulations team MetaMateria. We’re rooting for you from Wisconsin!


Pictured: Dr. Richard Schorr and Tim Marth from MetaMateria with Elizabeth Thelen of The Water Council at the awards ceremony in Chicago in October 2017.