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This page is for alumni of our BREW (Business, Research & Entrepreneurship in Water) Accelerator that ran from 2013 to 2019. Click here to view the alumni of our BREW 2.0 Post-Accelerator, which launched in 2021.

2019 BREW alumni

Our 6th annual accelerator supported the following six promising water tech startups:


Gen3Bio – Indiana – Gen3Bio proprietary technology extracts cellular content from algae produced by wastewater treatment technologies and creates specialty chemicals at a fraction of the cost of conventional methods.


Latitude Power – Illinois – Latitude Power has developed a micro-hydroelectric generator that converts lost energy into electricity.


P4 Infrastructure – Wisconsin – P4 Infrastructure combines civil, mechanical and electrical engineering in pursuit of technology-driven products creating connected and sustainable infrastructure.


Rapid Radicals Technology – Wisconsin – Rapid Radicals Technology (RRTech) developed an efficient and advanced wastewater treatment process for use during heavy precipitation events to eliminate sewer overflows and reduce untreated discharges into lakes and rivers.

WATERSURPLUS – Illinois – A winner of the BREW Corporate Accelerator powered by A. O. Smith Corporation, the WATERSURPLUS team has developed and is currently pilot testing a bio-inspired, low-fouling coating that significantly improves RO membrane performance from hard-to-treat water.


2017 BREW alumni

Our 5th annual accelerator supported the following promising water tech startups:


STAR Water Solutions – North Sydney, Australia – STAR Water Solutions provides “state of the art” treatment and reuse technologies that are cost-effective and efficient.



Ecoli-Sense – Ontario, Canada – Using ink to detect E. coli – Ecoli-Sense creates biosensor technology for a monitoring platform for water quality and agriculture, including a prototype of a magnetic bio-ink E. coli detection system.



PlasmaE – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Generating reactive ions for practical clean up – Plasma Environmental has developed a new way in which to reliably generate reactive ions in sufficient quantity to be useful, and to mix these in the aqueous media to provide clean water.


Pulsed Burst Systems – Richfield, Wisconsin – Harnessing the power of giant bubbles – Pulsed Burst Systems LLC (PBS) is a patented low-pressure large bubble provider for better mixing in the water and wastewater industry. The PBS mixer accumulates small bubbles over a period of time and rapidly releases a series of Megabubbles.



Water Resources Monitoring Group – Lancaster, Wisconsin – Monitoring agriculture water run-off – Water Resources Monitoring Group (WRM) addresses deficiencies in current agriculture water run-off monitoring programs. WRM created an agricultural hydrology monitoring program that provides low-cost, high-quality data that aids accurate decision making to help increase farm profits and improve water quality.


Nanolytix – Toronto, Canada – (Winner of BREW Corporate powered by A.O. Smith) – Detecting water contamination with AI – Nanolytix is a pioneer in artificial intelligence and sensor technologies for water quality detection applications. Their unique water quality sensor technology detects the presence of pathogens and other contaminants in real-time using handheld devices.


2016 brew alumni

Our 4th annual accelerator supported the following  promising water tech startups:



Corncob – Waukesha, Wisconsin – Corncob has invented a dynamic disc membrane filter that uses less energy, requires minimal pretreatment, and self-cleans during operation.


dmrilogoDMR International – Woodstock, Illinois – DMR has engineered the NOVEX-AMG™ family of additive systems that have demonstrated unique solutions for water filtration systems, with the added bonus of using environmentally responsible materials for a sustainable future.

energytechinnovationslogoEnergy Tech Innovations – Mukwonago, Wisconsin – Energy Tech is developing a low-cost, water-based gas treatment method that will convert biogas into renewable natural gas, a greenhouse gas neutral fuel.

metamaterialogoMetaMateria – Columbus, Ohio – MetaMateria efficiently cleans water using novel and nano-enhanced materials that creatively and economically address challenges in water purification, while also recovering phosphorous and other reusable contaminants.


Water Life Systems  (formerly Smart Waters) – British Columbia, Canada – Smart Waters increases city resilience by harvesting rainwater and holding it indefinitely in order to provide strategic reserves for all municipal water needs.



wisranlogoWISRAN – Milpitas, California – WISRAN provides real-time Business Intelligence Services for smart water grids to manage non-revenue water. The primary focus is on water-loss prediction by aggregating and federating sets of data collected from disparate data sources.


SofTap Water – Cincinnati, Ohio – (Winner of BREW Corporate powered by A.O. Smith) SofTap Water’s unique water-softening technology utilizes a proprietary, passive filtration system to remove dissolved calcium and magnesium bicarbonates that form scale in drinking and industrial water systems. In addition to softening, this technology also provides water filtration benefits including the removal of endotoxins, viruses, bacteria, cysts, polysaccharides, colloids, iron, manganese, sub-micron particles, and trace pharmaceuticals.


2015 BREW alumni

Our 3rd annual accelerator programs supported the following promising water tech startups:


Iconac – Toronto, Canada – Iconac brings the benefits of advanced non-invasive pipe inspection to every city by offering a low cost, easy-to-use mobile condition assessment tool. They use the latest in multi-physics and acoustic modeling for efficient, pro-active water asset management.




IX Power – Denver, Colorado – IX Power provides innovative technologies through their OrganiClear treatment by cleaning produced water from the oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, and construction industries.




Optiktechnik – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Optiktechnik makes optical sensors and instrumentation for the characterization of particulate systems. The company’s patent-pending laser scanning and image analysis technology enables more accurate monitoring and control of key particle processes in water and wastewater treatment.



Oxymem – Dublin, Ireland – OxyMem can achieve incredibly high oxygen transfer rates (up to 95%) resulting in superior energy performance, lower sludge production, using fewer operator hours. They solve intensive wastewater treatment with the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR).




Radom – West Allis, Wisconsin – Radom has instrumentation with Inductively Coupled Plasma to promote continuous, routine, challenging and in-situ measurements of toxic trace metals in water, wastewater, industrial processes, and food and drugs.


Solar Water Works

Solar Water Works – Madison, Wisconsin – Solar Water Works provides solar water treatment systems which use a photo-catalyst to accelerate natural water purification processes, eliminating the need for chemicals or external power which cuts operating cost.

Nano Gas Logo


Nano Gas Technologies – Deerfield, Illinois (Winner of BREW Corporate, sponsored by Veolia) Nano Gas Technologies is a game-changing water technology company that infuses nanobubbles of oxygen and other gases to support the recovery of oil and gas while recycling water.


Nutrient Recovery Upcycling Logo

Nutrient Recovery & Upcycling – Madison, Wisconsin  (Winner of BREW Corporate, sponsored by Veolia) Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling (NRU) LLC does business for the long-term benefit of people and the environment by imagining, researching, and developing systems that recover and upcycle low-grade resources into high-value products.



2014 BREW alumni

Our 2nd annual accelerator programs supported the following promising water tech startups:


HydroLite logo

Hydro-Lite – Illinois – Hydro-Lite is a water sterilization device that uses UV light and a hand-powered electrical source requiring no batteries, filters or chemicals. Designed for individual use, it is an ideal handheld product for anyone without access to clean drinking water.


cadens logo

Cadens – Watertown, Wisconsin – Cadens assists in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of economical small and micro-scale hydropower systems. They apply modern turbine design software, advanced materials and additive manufacturing / 3D printing.


Pellucid Water

Pellucid Water – Madison, Wisconsin – Pellucid Water develops and markets applications of Dense-Medium Plasma for water decontamination. Dense-Medium Plasma is an electrical discharge producing highly reactive free radicals and charged particles that affect targeted chemical and biological reactions.  Unlike conventional water treatment technologies, Dense-Medium Plasma does not require chemical additives, membrane filters or ion exchangers.



phinding Solutions is a biotechnology water company that wirelessly measures and transfers the ionic levels of water, through a patent-pending technology, improving productivity while reducing associated costs.


Watrhub – Toronto, Canada & Milwaukee, Wisconsin – WatrHub Inc. is a Data-Mining & Analytics company that matches water technologies and solutions with the needs of water and wastewater systems. WatrHub delivers timely, tailored market intelligence solutions that help water technology companies fast-track their sales process and uncover strategic market insights. Its cutting-edge data-mining software and data-sourcing expertise provide the most comprehensive and in-depth view into municipal water systems and water-regulated industrial plants across U.S. and Canada.


Wellntel logo


Wellntel – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – WelIntel develops simple, smart technologies and information systems to help homeowners, farmers and communities learn about and sustainably manage their groundwater.



2013 BREW alumni

Our  inaugural accelerator program supported the following six promising water tech startups:

MeterHero – Oakland, California – MeterHero is a sustainability marketplace that connects people who want to reduce their own water and energy footprint with those who want to support conservation. The company’s Conservation Rebate program works with businesses, organizations, and individuals to provide cash rebates for saving water and energy — a new economics of conservation. or



Microbe Detectives – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Microbe Detectives accelerates the adoption of DNA sequencing technology in the water industry. The company has served clients with projects including membrane biofouling, biofilm analysis, coliform assessment, Legionella analysis, Cooling tower water analysis, wastewater treatment troubleshooting, groundwater remediation, drinking water distribution system analysis, groundwater well characterization, and even beer and wine analysis.



NEW Works – Milwaukee, Wisconsin – NEW Works is in the business of training, consulting, and placing in the Water Management field. The company offers hands-on training for Water Management professionals using state-of-the-art lab equipment as well as training for water experts around the world.



Vegetal i.D. – France & New York – Vegetal i.D. is the American branch of a global company, Le Prieuré, who invented and patented the HYDROPACK® system which was the first modular green roof system in Europe and remains the number one green roof technology. As a pioneer in the manufacturing and design of green roof systems in both Europe and North America, Vegetal i.D. has been a specialist in urban vegetation for over 20 years (green roofs, stormwater management, and low maintenance urban development).


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