Jeremy Treuden Web and Graphic Designer for The Water CouncilWhat drew you to The Water Council?

JEREMY: The Water Council has surprised me in many good ways, and has kept me on the edge of my seat since day one. In contrast to my previous role at an agency where we worked on a variety of projects for a wide array of clients, at The Water Council, I am able to work on a variety of projects that are all achieving a common goal. I was attracted to being part of a dynamic and energetic team, passionate about working for a non-profit with a strong mission and purpose.

What are you most looking forward to working on at The Water Council?

JEREMY: Aiding in the development of The Water Council’s brand and increasing brand recognition while simultaneously helping to further establish Milwaukee as the hub for innovation within the water industry. I am also looking forward to working on the very exciting Water Summit 2016 branding, marketing materials, e-blasts, and event collateral.

What would you like to accomplish in your new role?

JEREMY: Considering there is so much to learn about The Water Council and its role within the water industry, I hope to absorb all there is to know about this growing industry. I also hope to hone my skills as a designer, as well as develop my social media, digital marketing, and photography skills. Through the utilization of these skills, I plan to take how people perceive The Water Council’s brand to the next level.

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