Metamateria Technologies, LLC

MetaMateria efficiently cleans water using novel and nano-enhanced materials that creatively and economically address challenges in water purification, while also recovering phosphorous and other reusable contaminants.

McCotter Energy Systems

We are manufacturers representatives for Industrial, Insitutional HVAC and water heating systems. We are the local Commercial Building representative for Grundfos Pumps, a global leader in water pumping systems.

Pyro-E, LLC

Pyro-E’s award-winning energy harvesting technology addresses the most expensive power market in the world – Single-use batteries. Energy generated from vibrations and impact is many folds cheaper than chemical storage by overcoming the weight, size, reliability, degradation, and disposal limitations. Pyro-E supports various industries by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and adding intelligence through data-led transformations.

STAR Water Group

STAR Water Solutions is a global leader in stormwater treatment and reuse technologies for managing urban, industrial, mining and agricultural run-off. Our Advanced Bio-Filtration Technology provides cost effective and efficient removal of pollutants while managing flow rates to reduce localized flooding while providing supplemental water supplies at source.

NEUTRALOX Umwelttechnik GmbH

Neutralox – Experts in odor control Neutralox Umwelttechnik GmbH — along with its US subsidiary Neutralox, Inc. — is a German manufacturer of odor control equipment with primarily application in the elimination of odors from wastewater treatment plants. Bringing to the table more than twenty years of market experience, we offer you our expertise in… Read More

Dana Investment Advisors

Dana Investment Advisors is an independent, employee-owned investment firm based in the Great Lakes region in Wisconsin. We specialize in ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) investment strategies for institutions and individuals.

Symbiont Science Engineering & Construction Inc.

Symbiont Science, Engineering and Construction, Inc. is a nationally recognized full-service engineering, design-build, construction firm. Founded in 1981, we utilize innovative engineering technologies that optimize environmental and sustainability goals to enhance our communities and our world. Our core business includes wastewater treatment, waste-to-energy, construction, manufacturing production process, and environmental projects. Through the application of innovative… Read More

NX Filtration

NX Filtration is your membrane partner for treating water and filtering beverages. We produce advanced hollow fiber membrane modules for nanofiltration applications. Our hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes are applied for the direct treatment of surface water, ground water, and wastewater for drinking water production and wastewater reuse. And even for the recovery of valuable raw… Read More

Nueva Additives, LLC

Nueva Additives is a veteran-owned chemical manufacturing company that manufactures additives for a variety of industrial applications. Based in Milwaukee, WI, Nueva Additives serves chemical distributors, oil production companies, water treatment and paint manufacturers. The company has provided value and unique chemicals since 2019.


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